Hello world !
If you are currently on this site it is because you are looking for a way to hack the password of a skype account. You've probably lost a lot of time looking at other sites for the best way to hack a skype account, but unfortunately, it did not really help you.
To save you even more time, all you can find on other sites as solutions are phishing, keyloggers and social engineering , these methods work, but not for everyone and are very difficult to implement.
The common reasons that make you want to hack a skype are the following:

Cheating partner suspicion
Recovery of a lost/hacked password
Monitoring of children activitie
Revenge on someone
Simple curiosity

Well, let us congratulate you because you just found the right place!

So... What we waiting for...?
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Instructions -
1. extract it
2. enter your victims email id
3.Click go button